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History of The Ajit Bhawan Palace

The Ajit Bhawan is a historical heritage hotel with an enchanting story to tell. It was built in 1927, started out as a royal residence, and was later converted into India’s First Heritage Hotel by the visionary Maharaj Swaroop Singh Ji in the 1970s. With humble beginnings of just 12 rooms, Ajit Bhawan has grown right into a grand homestay with 65 rooms, each offering a unique experience. As you enter this spell-binding residence, you can feel the evident history that fills the air and resonates through every corner, every room, every hallway & every corridor of this property.

Maharaj Swaroop Singh Ji and his wife, Rani Usha Devi, committed themselves to preserve the architectural splendour and rich culture of Rajasthan and their passion shines through every meticulously crafted detail of Ajit Bhawan. The Ajit Bhawan is more than just a hotel; it’s a gateway to a rich cultural experience imbibed in the words of luxury and privacy. The Ajit Hotels warmly welcomes you to become a part of their fascinating journey, where history whispers and hospitality envelops you like your own family.

Rooms & Suites

Presidential Suite

A suite fit for a royal. Our presidential suite is meant to give you the feeling of a luxurious home away from home. The suite is in a low bungalow made of evocative red sandstone brick, a marriage of 19th century British architecture with uniquely Indian materials.

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Grand Royal Suite

The Grand Royal Suite is a treat for the senses. A newly introduced category for visitors with a penchant for heritage luxury, it’s meant to provide the comfort of a home away from home with a living room, bedroom, courtyard and a wellness room.

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Royal Suite

A lavish single-bedroom suite for the discerning traveller, with a tastefully done up indoor space and a lovely courtyard. Perfect for those who prefer a combination of both indoor and private outdoor space.

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Ajit Suite with Pool View

These four Suites open up to the mesmerising view of the sparkling pool. Whether you are standing on the balcony, sitting at your front door or gazing through intricately carved ‘Jharokha’ windows, you can immerse yourself in the soothing sight and sound of water.

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Ajit Suite

The sixteen Ajit Suites are each based on a distinct theme. They embody the perfect blend of luxurious modern amenities and age-old decor that graced the palaces of yore.

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Vintage Suite

Jodhpur abounds with tales of valour and sacrifice on the battlefield. Our Vintage Suites are a homage to these brave men. With walls the colour of the endless desert, and a semi-private outdoor area designed like fort ramparts, these rooms carry echoes of the storied heritage of these parts.

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Vintage Room

Ajit Bhawan’s Vintage Rooms are thoughtfully decorated and tastefully furnished. Pastel, stonewashed walls, vintage-looking furniture, lanterns by the bed—let these touches envelop you in a sense of warmth and cosiness.

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Vintage Tent

The Vintage Tents are a throwback to the vintage era, when royals and aristocrats sought comfort in lavish tented camps on their many travels. Every wall, curtain and object in the Tents reflects the opulence of the vintage era as it was.

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Deluxe Rooms

Walk beyond the classic wooden doorways to enter our Deluxe Rooms. Furnished with images of gods & kings and exquisite design, luxury will have never seemed more within reach.

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The Dhani

Traditional Recipies & Cooking Techniques

A journey into the timeless era of local cuisine and popular delicacies, the Dhani at Ajit Bhawan is an earthy restaurant with a rural and rustic charm. As you enter the captivating huts, you are greeted with the charming appeal of mud walls, thatched roofs, and intricately designed interiors. The ambience resonates with the soul of Rajasthan, taking you back in time to an era of royalty and a way of life. But it is not just about the fascinating architecture, the spotlight of this cultural immersion is the traditionally cooked meals, age-old recipes and local cooking techniques.

Swimming Pool

Sip & Swim

Indulge yourself in the splendour of The Ajit Bhawan’s swimming pool – a testament to the palace’s grandeur. Maharaj Swaroop Singh Ji himself drew the pool’s outline using his royal sceptre, and what followed was a spell-binding masterpiece. The pool dominated by a majestic wooden turbine in the heart, like a guardian makes for a picturesque spectacle. Surrounded by lush gardens and decorated with architectural details, this pool is a haven of tranquillity and comfort, inviting guests to indulge inside the regal environment while enjoying an exhilarating swim.




Guest Feedback

20. July, 2023.
Amazing experience
17. July, 2023.
Very nice ajit bhawan
Lavesh Ramchandani
Lavesh Ramchandani
16. July, 2023.
Very polite staff nd had very good experience
Janki Enterprises
Janki Enterprises
15. July, 2023.
Royalty speaks. One must visit for true experience of Rajasthan