The Ajit Group


Stepwell Dinners

Feast in a stepwell near Rawla Narlai

Feel the anticipation as you ride through the charming village on an ox-drawn cart. When you reach the private stepwell, be enthralled by the glow of hundreds of fl ickering candles, shining just for you. Sip a drink in the mesmerising yellow light as a folk singer regales you with lost songs of the desert. Hear his voice echo on the walls of the stepwell as you enjoy a royal repast with local delicacies. Quite simply, the stepwell dinner has to be one of the most unique and atmospheric experiences Rajasthan has to off er.

The Dhani

Traditional recipes & cooking techniques At Ajit Bhawan

Journey into the past and present of local cuisine at the Dhani restaurant at Ajit Bhawan.You will notice its rustic charm as soon as you step into the space, with its mud walls, thatched roofs, and intricately designed interiors. The idea behind Dhani is to immerse guests in an authentic local experience, and share a glimpse of how people in Rajasthan live and eat. We prepare traditional, freshly-cooked meals with the choicest local ingredients. Don’t leave without trying a Rajasthani thali.

Village Safari

Unearth the soul of Rajasthan

Embark on a vibrant journey into the traditional lifestyle of Rajasthan through captivating village safari experiences at Ajit Bhawan and Rawla Narlai. From Ajit Bhawan, take a 15km ride to a village of the nature-loving Bishnois, one of the prominent communities of the Western Thar region. You can try your hand at pott ery and rug-making, learning from the best local artists. From Rawla Narlai, our knowledgeable guides will escort you on an expedition to Narlai village. Partake in a traditional lunch in a local household to savour the authentic flavours of Rajasthani cooking. Village tours are a great way to connect with the locals and get under the skin of rural Rajasthan, with its vibrant traditions and strong sense of history.

Leopard Safari

Wilderness at its best

Narlai is leopard country. Get into a safari jeep, and wander the wilds of Narlai, guided by old hands who’ve grown up spott ing and understanding the lives of leopards in the region. The rocky outcrops and scrub of the Aravallis is perfect leopard habitat, and going on a leopard safari is another of those only-in-Rajasthan experiences. The elusive leopards might be the main att raction, but you can also enjoy spott ing migratory birds, packs of monkeys and mongooses. Our experts can even help you distinguish between the many fl owers, trees and herbs that make up this remarkable landscape.

Spa & Wellness

Revitalise. Rejuvenate. Radiate

Escape the stresses of everyday life and pamper youself with luxurious treatments that nourish the body and soul. Surrender to the tranquil ambience and let your worries melt away as you indulge in a range of holistic therapies, from soothing massages to revitalising facials. Using safe and organic beauty products, our skilled masseuses and wellness professionals will ensure that you’re feeling refreshed and calm right through your vacation.

Swimming Pool

Sip & swim

At Ajit Bhawan, even the swimming pool has a fascinating origin story. Mahraj Swaroop Singh Ji drew the pool’s outline in the mud, using his royal sceptre. When his vision was executed, it turned out to be one of the centrepieces of the property. The pool’s own centrepiece is a wooden turbine that creates a mini-waterfall at one end. At the other end, the pool is overhung by a bougainvillaea plant, its pink fl owers adding to the ambience of beauty and luxury. If you’re the kind of person who picks a hotel based on its swimming pool, Ajit Bhawan is for you.

Dive & Dine

Dining by the pool

Picture this. You’re seated by an elegant table by the poolside. There’s a gentle breeze blowing. There’s the subtle sound of running water in the background. You’re eating the most scrumptious food. We can make this happen for you by the poolside at Ajit Bhawan—whether it’s a light lunch of cucumber sandwiches on a winter afternoon or a full-on dinner of delectable local items.

Airport Pickups

Arrivals to put you at ease

As pioneers in hospitality, we understand the importance of a smooth and trouble-free arrival after a prolonged fl ight. It can set the tone for the rest of your vacation. We’re more than happy to arrange an airport pickup with the hotel car. In our vehicles, you will fi nd a cold towel, mineral water batt les and any other thing you may need to refresh yourself after a fl ight.

Vegetable Farm

Culinary trails in our homegrown gardens

After you eat fresh meals at Ajit Bhawan, you may wonder where some of the produce comes from. We can arrange a tour of our vegetable farm, where you can indulge your green thumb and pick up expert tips on gardening and cultivation techniques. You can even take part in an interactive gardening and cooking workshop, where you can pluck the freshest produce and transform it into a wonderful meal.

Rooftop Dining

Heavenly cuisine at Rawla Narlai

There’s nothing that says holiday quite like a leisurely rooftop dinner. And when that dinner is on the terrace of a countryside manor in Rajasthan, overlooked by a granite hill and the stars above, it’s bound to be special. The feeling is like one of being on the ramparts of a fort, purveying the shaded courtyards and frangipani trees. Enjoy the tantalising aromas and flavours of traditional Rajasthani cuisine—al fresco.

Dining in Nature

Dine in the great outdoors at Rawla Narlai

Make the most of being in the Rajasthani countryside by opting for one of our dining-in-nature experiences. Whether it’s a special packed lunch under a banyan tree or high tea by the lake, our staff at Rawla Narlai can arrange an unforgett able experience. We can also tempt you with the Tekri Dinner, which comprises a spectacular spread of local and international delicacies….on the top of a hill.

Special Dining Experience

Unforgettable moments, exquisite dining

If you’re hosting a gathering and want to make it special, consider one of the special dining experiences off ered by the Ajit Group. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary celebration or a reunion with friends or family, our staff will craft the most memorable dining and socialising experience for your party. It could be a candlelight dinner under the stars or a cosy courtyard meal in Ajit Bhawan’s Champa Court (named for its frangipani trees). You just have to say the word and we will take care of the rest.

Enjoy a tipple at the J'Bar

Enjoy a drink the old school way

J’Bar is a haven for discerning connoisseurs, serving a wide range of premium spirits, rare vintage wines and signature cocktails. Our professional bartenders will be at hand to guide you if you need it. So sit back, relax and enjoy every sip.