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Swaroop Sagar

A Private Abode In Leopard Country

The world has changed our getaways now and with the need to be in the wilderness, Swaroop Sagar offers a unique blend of jungle escape and privacy.

A Perfect Home Stay

Each of us needs to discover a getaway experience, which we can own and personalize. Located near one of Rajasthan’s largest wildlife reserve, the Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary, it is an ideal place to get away for a weekend or even a week. The four room lodge can be booked and comes with it’s own host of services such as a jungle drive, specially curated menus for dinner & lunch and hi-tea.

Private Villa Property

A large common room with interconnecting four bedrooms surrounded by a garden, a lake and hills, Swaroop Sagar is a magical homestay for a small family or a few friends looking for a personalized experience in the leopard country.


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