The Ajit Group


Jharokha Café

Enjoy a variety of Indian and international cuisine at Jharokha Café, a relaxed space at the countryside manor of Rawla Narlai. Painted in soothing shades of white and blue, the café is meant to be a place where you can relax after a day of tracking leopards or visiting the villages around Narlai. It’s also a room with a view, off ering panoramic vistas through its glass windows. Our staff will ensure that all your dietary needs and culinary preferences are respected.

Rooftop Dinners

There’s nothing that says holiday quite like a leisurely rooftop dinner. And when that dinner is on the terrace of a countryside manor in Rajasthan, overlooked by a granite hill and the stars above, it’s bound to be special. The feeling is like one of being on the ramparts of a fort, purveying the shaded courtyards and frangipani trees. Enjoy the tantalising aromas and flavours of traditional Rajasthani cuisine—al fresco.

Sunrise Champagne Breakfast

As the sun welcomes you with its first rays, painting the sky gold and pink, a magical morning unfolds in Narlai, as you sit atop the rocky terrain. The air comes alive with a symphony of melodious bird song. Savour a delectable breakfast (with champagne, if you’d like!) after a morning safari drive. The setting will be a spectacular rocky clearing, where you will be served a delightful sunrise meal that sets you up for the rest of the day.

Dinner at the Stepwell

Feel the anticipation as you ride through the charming village on an ox-drawn cart. When you reach the private stepwell, be enthralled by the glow of hundreds of fl ickering candles, shining just for you. Sip a drink in the mesmerising yellow light as a folk singer regales you with lost songs of the desert. Hear his voice echo on the walls of the stepwell as you enjoy a royal repast with local delicacies. Quite simply, the stepwell dinner has to be one of the most unique and atmospheric experiences Rajasthan has to off er.

Camp fire Dinners

As the sun dips below the horizon, a transformation takes place. Flames flicker to life, casting a mesmerising glow on the scene. Sip on your drink of choice as our staff arrange a meal by the campfi re. On cold winter nights, stay cosy by rubbing your hands in front of the fi re while watching the preparation of expertly grilled delights. Let laughter and stories fill the air as the evening progresses . We promise a meal to remember.

Tekri Dinner

The Tekri Dinner at Rawla Narlai hits new heights—quite literally! ‘Tekri’ refers to a hillock in the local language. As the sun begins to set, we drive you up a litt le hillock for a unique experience. As shadows fall, fl ickering candles and lamps will bring the scene alive. Liveried staff , in their fl aming red turbans, will make the perfect arrangements for your meal. From your perch at the Tekri, and under the starlit sky, enjoy a delicious spread fi t for the royals for yore.

Jungle Lunch​

Rajasthan is not all brown and golden. Green is not a colour that is normally associated with the state, but our forests and grasslands tell a diff erent story. A short drive from Rawla Narlai and you will be in the heart of the jungle, seated at an elegant table and being served an authentic local meal. Around you, chirping birds will provide a natural symphony as you revel in the moment where nature’s splendour meets the perfection of the culinary arts.

Lake Side Brunch

The lakeside brunch takes place under a canopy at the edge of a lake, where you can witness migratory birds skim over the calm blue waters. Take a moment to unwind in nature’s embrace as you enjoy a drink, savour a snack and indulge your sweet tooth. The brunch at the lakeside is a feast for both your eyes and your taste buds.

In-Room Dining

At the Ajit Group of Hotels, we understand the importance of privacy and personalized experiences. If you desire to enjoy your meals in the comfort of your room, we go above and beyond to make it a seamless and exceptional experience. Whether you prefer dining on the balcony, porch, cosy couch, or even the comfort of your own bed, our dedicated staff is committed to catering to your preferences. We ensure that your meals are arranged accordingly, bringing the culinary delights right to your room.

J’ Bar

Discover a hidden gem within our Palace – a private dining courtyard adorned with majestic Champa trees, carefully curated to reflect the discerning tastes of our honourable Maharaj. Indulge in the gentle fragrances of Champa and Mogra as you dine in the soft glow of candlelights. Allow this intimate setting of the courtyard, fragrant blossoms, and soft candlelight to create an ambience of pure enchantment. Let this courtyard provide a perfect backup for your cherished memories whether it’s a romantic date or a family gathering.

Pool Side Special Dinning

Experience the epitome of luxury dining at Ajit Group Resorts’ indoor restaurant. Immerse yourself in a regal ambience with air-conditioned halls adorned with Maharaja-inspired artefacts and paintings. Enjoy comfortable seating and exceptional service while indulging in a cuisine tailored to your preferences, including options for veg, non-veg, dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan dishes. Our indoor restaurant is open all day, ensuring a delightful lunch whenever you desire. Let us transport you to a world of grandeur, where every bite is a royal feast. Ajit Group Resorts’ indoor restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience that combines opulence, comfort, and culinary excellence.